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Residential Electrician


Hypower Electrical is an established and well respected Electrical Company that are specialists in servicing residential customers throughout Melbourne.

The residential electrical contractors that make up the team at Hypower, have an extensive skill set and a great deal of experience to quickly and accurately assess and resolve difficult and easy electrical issues.

We are happy to work with the tenants, landlords and property owners to address all electrical needs throughout the residential home.

Not only do we assist in the electrical maintenance of the home but can provide electrical solutions and ideas for lighting and power upgrades to reduce energy costs.

Contact us today to organise any electrical repairs or upgrades to your residential property, no matter how big or small the job is.

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Residential Electrician Services

Led Upgardes

Almost any existing lighting point can be upgraded to LED lighting. The most common upgrade is from the old halogen Downlights to new LED Downlights. Old Halogen Downlights pose a large risk to the home and the tenants as they cause extreme amounts of heat and have been known to cause fires in many homes around the world.

Hypower Electrical can provide a free quotation to upgrade these lights with a variety of different styles to suit any application. Lighting energy bills can be reduced by up to 80%.

  • Oven Repairs + Installations

    At Hypower Electrical we repair faulty ovens, electric cook-tops and upright electric ovens/stoves. If the appliance is beyond repair, we are more than happy to to provide a quote to replace the appliance.

  • Home Alarm Systems

    Hypower has installed hundreds of alarm systems for households around Melbourne. We know that security is so important in keeping your family safe. Let us tailor make an alarm system that suits your needs. Call us for an obligation free quote.

  • Data/Phone Installations & Repairs

    If you are looking for the installation of a new phone point or new data points in your residential home for your Wi-Fi, security system or Foxtel we here at Hypower Electrical can provide the communication wiring you need.

  • Home CCTV Surveillance Systems

    If you are looking to protect your home and have peace of mind knowing that at any moment you can check on the status of your home, don’t look any further than the electricians at Hypower. We can tailor make a CCTV system to suit your individual home. Please get in contact for an obligation free quote.

Switchboard Upgrades

If your home has an old porcelain fuse board or a circuit breaker board without safety switches (Residual current devices) then an electrician is needed. This can cause serious injury and electric shock or can potentially be fatal. Contact Hypower to get a free quote to make your house safe!

Design And Installation

If additional lights and power points is what you need, then Hypower can help. We can design the lighting and power points to suit your every need. Some of these include:

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Strip lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Feature lighting
  • Redesign of house lighting
  • Wall lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • General power points
  • LED lighting


If your home was built before the 1960’s then there is a high chance that your home has old rubber cabling or cotton sheath cabling. This needs to be changed as over time this breaks down and can be dangerous to not only your home and to the people living inside your home. There is a big chance that there is no earthing to the power and lights which can also be dangerous.

Some of the key indicators for when your homes electrical system needs a re-wire are:

  • Lights dimming at night
  • Metal conduit
  • Outdated fuse box
  • Cotton sheath cables
  • Round pin plugs
  • Black outer rubber cables

Smoke Detector Installations

Smoke detectors save thousands of lives each year and in our eyes are one of the most crucial safety mechanisms in a home. Changing the batteries in these units can be easy to forget and tiresome, Hypower Electrical can install hardwired 240 Volt smoke detectors in the relevant positions to meet the electrical building standards, leaving the customer not having to replace them for the life of the smoke detector.

If you are unsure and would like Hypower to come out and perform a smoke detector safety test, we are more than happy to make a time to do so.

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